Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Hindus across the globe. In India, it is a five-day festival that brings with it good cheers. It is the time to celebrate the victory of good over the evil. People clean and decorate their homes in the best possible way, so that Goddess Lakshmi enters their premises and showers blessings on them.

Diwali isn’t so much about the splurging and the crackers as much as it is about beautiful lighting and family bonding. It is an opportunity for the family to work as a team to produce delicious homemade sweets and humble decorations. Why waste money on expensive fireworks that damages the environment when you can enjoy an eco-friendly Diwali without compromising on the festive spirit, one bit. Here are some easy DIY Diwali decoration ideas, you can use to have an eco-friendly celebration.


DIY Torans

Torans or buntings as they are called are usually placed at the entrance of a house to welcome the guests and set the festive mood. Traditionally the torans are created with mango or coconut leaves but nowadays you can buy plastic decorative Torans in the markets. It would be nicer and more personal to create your own simply using cardboard and handmade paper and create your own design.


DIY Candles

One of the simplest things you can make during Diwali, are festive candles. You can make candles out of a number of ingredients such as salt dough, egg shells, seashells or even orange peels. We all have a few seashells around the house. Pick a few nice rounded ones and paint them with fabric paints or stick sequins around them. You can then add melted wax and a wick to create your candle. There’s also scented candles which you can created OR if you are tight for time, you can purchase a plain white candle and start tying cinnamon sticks around it for a sweet cinnamon scent.


DIY Rangoli

Rangoli is an indian art of making designs, normally created on the floor with fine colourful sand or rice grains. The designs are perhaps intricate and take many hours to complete depending on how complex it is. You can create your own design using a piece of paper, gather some gem stones and start becoming creating gluing onto your sketched design! If you are not sure on sketching your design, there are already available stencils in the markets.