Beauty and fashion are intrinsically linked with pop culture, and trends in hairstyles are no exception. “At Haretas, while we’re all about celebrating individuality, it’s still part of our ethos to constantly keep up with current techniques and looks to offer our customers our full versatility and expertise – especially when we receive specific requests regarding trend.” mentioned by Creative Director, Mr. Sunny Ang.


What is hot right now is their Japanese wave perm which is a new curling technique that originated in Japan. It is also known to be their best-selling! No longer is the traditional perm seen to look like the “poodle” or “Maggi mee” hair of the 80s and 90s. Today, Japanese wave perm gives the opportunity to offer clients the curls they dream of and is achieved through techniques that results in a softer, smoother, natural and manageable waves. As what he points out “The different types of waves and curls are able to achieve is based on the techniques and chemicals applied.”


Founder & Creative Director of HausofEvents, Delia A. was recently invited to participate in her first major hair transformation. “I have only had my hair perm once and that was a long time ago so I’m feeling a little nervous but at the same time, I’m also very excited as I have every confidence with Sunny Ang’s work. His famous wave perm is absolutely breath-taking and stunning!”


Check out this video where he shares with us his step-by-step guide to his famous Japanese wave perm which promises high levels of client satisfaction as following the treatment, hair is very easy to style at home lasting for approximately 10-12 months.


If you would like to try out Haretas Hair Studio, you’re in luck! The first 5 persons, who download and present their vouchers to either one of the 4 hot hair-stylists, will receive their special discount. For more information, refer to their portfolio at