Children’s parties have come a long way from what it used to be. Before, a simple birthday cake, party hats, and a handful of balloons are already considered a lavish celebration but now a full-blown party consists of meticulous party details, elaborate food & desserts, themed loot-bags and fun entertainment. Some would even go as far as having a full production party complete with professional entertainers, LED Wall backdrop and lighted stage!


HausofEvents is an event designer! Whether the next birthday party you throw will be a raucous kid party or a sophisticated grown-up fete, we can help you pick a theme and set the stage for celebrating. At HouseofEvents, there is no such thing as a run-of-the-mill party! Everything is customized to perfection and to cater to your requirements.


We’re all about re-inventing ourselves, creating out-of-the-box creative ideas, which is fun, special and memorable! We are all about getting personal and providing the detail and final touches; understanding our customers’ wants and coming up with the best outcome that suits their needs. Our team are into “consistency” – We listen and provide three different customized logos to choose from to designing unique invitation cards and doorgifts that would leave you breathless; event setting up; food & beverages, etc. Everything matches and ties together making event planning easy and stress-free!


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Picture: Lucas's Birthday Party

Picture: Aydan & Dylan's Birthday Party

Picture: Adam's Birthday Party