The anticipation is building up. Now that we’re married, a whole new topic arises. Questions are on everybody’s mind and itching to know whether it’s a girl or a boy. It turns out we’re not having one but two, twin boys!


This gives us a reason to create another joyous occasion. An aqiqah is a traditional religious ceremony, normally taken place at the parents’ home or the home of family members. During our sons’ aqiqah, our colour choice comprised of different shades of blue and the event themed was fairytale land, a fantasy moment that connects all of our families from all walks of life together building deeper and healthier ties.


A lot of the event setting was handmade from the flower arrangements to the doorgifts. Even the swing where the boys laid down was carefully designed and created by hand. Handmade goods are always the best way to express the personal touches through beauty and strength that can have a lasting impact. So we have put our time and creativity into beautiful designs, and designing cards to illuminate the meaning, simply to convey the message that we care.


We are here to offer our experience in our artwork, crafting handmade cards to customize to whatever you want, ensuring your message is clear and impacting. The entire process took us about a month to capture a picture perfect moment, which will last a lifetime!


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Picture: Aydan's & Dylan’s baby shower (Aqiqah)

Picture: Aydan's & Dylan’s baby shower (Aqiqah)

Picture: Aydan's & Dylan’s baby shower (Aqiqah)