Many know Inside Out by Disney as a heart-warming, yet thought provoking movie. Kids and adult alike love the movie for many different reasons; from its ingenious storytelling, relatable characters, simple metaphors and beautiful animated graphics in the multitude of colors. Comes to no surprise when we eventually received a request to style and plan with an Inside Out theme event that made us so giddy inside, like a kid in a candy story. The venue looked just like that with the many colourful balloons filled with goodies. Kids had a blast as they went around the stations, each representing an emotion like disgusts, sadness, joy, anger and fear. Each game was constructed with the right props to bring out these specific emotions, yet still having fun. There was an inflatable boxing ring for anger, special video making to express sad farewells, artificial bugs for fear and much more. The whole family participated and managed to get a work out not only physically but with their minds as well when they tried to solve puzzles prepared at the stations. Hopefully, this will be a party they cherish and remember close to their hearts forever.