Frequently Asked Questions

HausofEvents is an easy-to-use portal for vendors interested to tap into the events industry where we provide the necessary tools and virtual support to ensure a successful business while gaining customers’ TRUST.

We aim to be Malaysia’s leading event community and lifestyle marketplace where vendors are able to create their shop-front and start selling both products and services using our e-commerce platform as well as their own online booking transaction system.

Our portal is unique as it is interactive so new and existing customers can now have the privilege to communicate directly with business owners (B2C) and business owners can liase directly to other business owners within the community portal (B2B). This will create awareness and generate further leads.

We understand that business owners may not have the time to always update their portal and may have trouble with their own branding and marketing. Therefore, we include our virtual assistance whenever help is needed.

How do I sign up for HausofEvents?

We offer you our packages to kickstart your virtual shopfront. There are two types of packages available: 6 months at RM780 and 12 months at RM1,320.

We take a total of 8% for every e-commerce transaction made by customers.

Online bookings can be made directly to one entity or to multiple within one profile account.

We recommend customers to place a booking fee to secure your online order/booking. From the vendor, we will take 8% of the service fee charged to help HausofEvents run smoothly and to allow us to offer our customer support services.

We have two types of support services :

Customer Support Service
Our in-house customer support service will help with enquiries and technical matters.

Virtual Assistance
We provide virtual assistance to help vendors with branding & marketing exposure. The types of services available to help alleviate your business sites are:

Photography & videography

  • 3 Profile banner, Up to 30 products, Up to 5 staffs to be inserted to vendor’s profile page.
  • Photo editing
  • Video blog interview (3-5 minutes)
  • Video demo (5 minutes)
  • Video editing
  • Video event coverage to be shown in vendor’s profile page and HausofEvent Blogsite and other social media e.g. Facebook and Instagram.

Graphic Design

  • E-vouchers
  • Advertisement Posting

Content Writing

  • Profile Page
  • Blog Write-Up
  • Event coverage

Blog, frontpage appearance, video appearance (interview & demo), write-up interview, advertisement ad, e-newsletters and exposure in other social media sites e.g. Facebook, Instagram & Linked, SEO engine.

Yes. All vendors are liable to handle their own taxes. Currently, we are only open to vendors in Malaysia only.

At this moment, we are partnering with PayPal. However, we are in the midst of looking into other local payment gateways to tie up with such as MOL Payment Gateway and also with banks to allow online banking.