This fairytale event took place at Hilton, Kuala Lumpur. The wedding was attended by about 500 family members, friends and guests.


The theme illustrated in the wedding encapsulated the creative driving force behind the wedding planning, which was the bride and grooms themselves, Delia and Azhan. It also reflected their personality in meticulously designing the gifts and decorations that bore a stunning resemblance to the Akad Nikah ceremony. It is understood that Delia and Azhan wanted to carry through the theme from the Akad Nikah into the wedding reception as it was an extension of the ceremony and reflected a continuous love story, a journey where as time goes by their love matures and is strengthened with an ever lasting respect for each other. This was conveyed by use of grand scale decorations. Every other guests’ table included a tree filled with huge white flowers blooming and bursting with love. This symbolized growth whereby deeply entrenched roots supported trees which grew in strength manifesting the couples divine love being safe and firm. This captured the essence of beauty personified by the bride and groom. No wedding reception would be complete without an element of drama and this is where the trees were used as center pieces with 8-candles hanging from the branches to denote good luck and prosperity in terms of Chinese beliefs.


One could classify the Akad Nikah as being the traditional centerpiece of the ceremony whilst the wedding reception was the piece de resistance of the whole event.


The images below capture our hearts and imaginations and this was translated into an evening of total bliss. Everything from the Akad Nikah to the reception includes brand and decorative consistency which truly made the occasion a magical night to remember.