Why celebrate having your baby placed in a conventional cot when you can make a difference and create a swing? This was exactly what had been meticulously planned and prepared with beautiful flower decoratives with dangling pearls for Dylan and Aydan’s Aqiqah (baby shower) celebration. Everything was consistent and well executed with personal touches making this a lovely and unforgetable experience.




A garden celebration decorated with ivy, pearls, crystals, hydrageas, carnations, poneys and roses in white and cream with a main touch of blue to represent the twin boys with tree of wishes could not miss.


Invitation cards shaped in a form of a diaper was given out to guests for the Aqiqah Ceremony. The theme color is used throughout the whole event making it a very cool BLUE Aqiqah ceremony.


This is what memories are made of…all the precious moments of the event are immortalised through proper planning and execution.




Customised graphic design logo had been created to represent the boys and was used for various decorative elements such as the specialty mini cupcakes designed for the Aqiqah celebration. Other customised designs were used on doorgifts, cakes, decorations, props etc. to ensure that everything jives with the overall theme of the event.