December has always been a favorite month for many due to the festive spirits and holiday season but mainly to end the year on a memorable note. Ours certainly didn’t fall short of magical when we had the great privilege of planning a spectacular event on December 28th, right before the New Year. The end of 2016 was made to be a happily ever after, with a matrimonial between cultures and family. The Pre-Wedding dinner was held in a semi-outdoor hall with a local Malaysian theme. Our client who is also a dear friend insisted on expressing the warm Malaysian hospitality to the guests who had traveled from far and wide like Canada, Italy, India, Australia, etc.


Emphasizing on guests’ experience, they were serenaded with melodies that are traditional and classical music, the sorts of Gamelan and Keronchong throughout the dinner. Setting the ambiance were tropical flowers and candlelit centerpieces among warm tones and white billowy drapes. Overall 200 people attended and witness the loving declarations of family and friends who helped prepare for the wedding of the newlyweds, Joey and Gaya.